Living By Design Offers

Occupational Therapy & Interior Design services

Occupational Therapy and Interior Design services.

Separately, or the best of both combined

Living: The act of Being, Doing and having Purpose.

By: [Preposition] Indicating the means of achieving something.

Design: Applying thoughtful intent and creative planning to the built space.

Living By Design: Enabling life to be lived to the fullest, through planning and innovation.

Our Services

Living By Design

Combining the expertise of Interior Design and Occupational Therapy to produce the most beneficial and best-looking home modifications.

Occupational Therapy

Supporting people to live life to the fullest! We use validated assessment tools to identify the underlying causes of problems and then develop plans to restore or maximize functioning.

Interior Design

The design of thoughtful and respectful functioning spaces which are customized to each client’s needs. Accessibility should be the central principle, not an afterthought.

What People Are Saying

Tom did an outstanding job with my elderly loved one.  Tom came across as friendly and supportive as well as professional.  I am very pleased with his service.
Anonymous, BC
Tom goes the extra mile to get the full picture for his clients.
Danny K., Vancouver

I couldn’t be more pleased with Tom’s attention to detail when he fitted my 92-year-old mother to a new Broda Wheelchair. He was gentle and patient, as my mother suffers from dementia and would generally be resistant to unfamiliar people. Tom’s empathy made the difference. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Tom again in the future for any further occupational therapy services.

Gary, Vancouver, BC.
I sincerely appreciate the interest and care that Tom has taken with my brother.  Tom’s very likable personality, patience, skills and ability to think outside the box has added positivity and purpose to my brother’s outlook on life.  Thank you Tom!
Anonymous, BC

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