I’m looking for someone aged 65 or older to be my guest on the first episode of my brand new podcast called (for the moment anyway) ‘Don’t Ever Get Old’. This podcast consists of me talking to regular people to gather perspectives on aging and the issues that come with it. I believe that talking about aging and the inevitable functional decline is a bit of a taboo topic and one that most people would prefer to avoid. But this head in the sand approach not only leads to getting sand in your ears, but it leads to problems down the road: rushed decision making under the duress of a crisis situation, surprise at the lack of public resources, and ultimately poor health outcomes and reduced quality of life in our glory years. If we change to a more preventative, proactive mindset, a lot of this can be avoided and people can live as they want to into their latter years. Don’t we all want that? Anyway, I digress a little. I’m looking for someone to get the ball rolling with me. This will be voluntary, but I’m hoping the guest will benefit from the experience by gaining insights into their thoughts on aging. Please message me if you’re interested in chatting more.

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